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Everything we do at PLAY Boutique has an innovative purpose for kids, parents, and families

presented in a sophisticated, modern fashion with a children’s utopia at the center of it all.

We provide creative play, lifestyle & wellness services, enriching activities, and a profound

sense of community all in one modern social space.


The PLAY Boutique is a unique, innovative space created to meet the need for balance of family time. Catering to the family as a whole, not just the child, our goal is to inspire family excellence through the development and execution of meaningful family experiences.


We’ve designed every activity and space to expose children to meaningful experiences that fuel their desire to learn. Purposeful play experiences offer children a positive beginning experience upon which a sound education can be built.


Our environment encourages parents to do as much or as little as they wish, depending on their own unique family. Parents are invited to stay, use the Parent Lounge area and socialize with other parents; or they can take a much deserved break, leave the children with our trained educators, and cherish a little kid-free time. We provide amenities that allow for nurturing the parent as well as the child.


Being family focused, we provide families with opportunities to bond and balance. The PLAY Boutique environment is designed to encourage busy families to spend quality time together, or use the amenities to balance their own responsibilities as they entrust the care of their children to our trained educators.



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Kelley Peake, CEO/Founder

Kelley's extensive experience in the field of education includes a BA in Education with a focus on Early Childhood Education and more than 20 years focused on helping to make life a little easier for today's busy families. As a working mother of three young children, 17, 14 and 9 years, Kelley not only understands the issues parents face but lives these challenges each day.


Before launching PLAY Boutique in 2005, she led the New Business Development initiatives for KinderCare Learning Centers, a billion dollar corporation. She was responsible for generating strategic business plans for growth of new channel development within the Education marketplace. She has been a part of creating unique business opportunities for and worked with quality educational companies that include, Hooked on Phonics, Lego, Scholastic, Leap Frog, Kindermusik, Computer Tots, Kinderdance, Early Advantage, Disney, and others. Her goals included creating successful programs that gave parents options for improving the amount and quality of time that they shared with their families. Many of these programs grew quickly and are now being utilized by other companies.


With parents placing a higher value on quality family time and seeking to achieve balance in their lives, Kelley saw a need to improve the traditional delivery methods of childcare. So, in 2005 Kelley left her senior management role to pursue creative ways for today's families to experience a more flexible and unique learning environment. Thus the PLAY Boutique was developed. In every offering you will be confident that a parents high standard of education and fun are at the core of the PLAY Boutique.  And, you will see the tangible evidence of PLAY Boutique's commitment to creating quality opportunities for parents and their families.


Her family currently resides in Lake Oswego, OR.


An Indoor PLAYSpace, Quality, Educational/Enrichment Classess for Kids 1-10y, Family Style Cafe, School Age Programs, and Your Home Away from Home!


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