Weather Closures

Look for the Lake Oswego and Beaverton School Districts school closure information.

If schools are closed, there is a chance STAY & PLAY will be cancelled. 
Check the PLAY Boutique facebook page for the most current information.


What are the ages of the children attending?

Programs and classes are for children ages 0 to 10+ years. Siblings are welcome to attend.

Please talk with a PLAY Educator about appropriate classes & expectations. 

Our highly trained Teachers provide a quality learning environment, educating children during these classes.

  • STAY & PLAY classes are for children of all ages and parent supervision is required.

  • PEAKE Academy School Readiness Programs are for children 1 to 10+ years. 

  • LEARN & GROW classes (parent participation required for children under 2) are for children 0 to 10+ years.

         These classes place a strong emphasis on a particular skill and/or area of learning. 


What are the children playing?

PLAY Boutique offers child-oriented programs that emphasize independent learning through discovery, participation, and interaction with others. We provide a multi sensory approach to learning and developing new skills.


In addition to providing educational experiences through play, we also place an emphasis on the development of social skills such as cooperating and negotiating, sharing and taking turns, and guiding the children in their own decision making process. Children are given the help they need to learn to express themselves in appropriate and effective ways.


What do parents do while children are playing during STAY & PLAY?

We are very excited to bring families a new and innovative concept. When coming to our STAY & PLAY class you are paying for peace of mind more that playtime. Parents can relax, connect with friends, or catch up on email.


The age and stage of development of your child will determine the level of parent supervision and interaction that will be needed from you. Though many of the programs do not depend on parent participation, to ensure a quality environment for all we do require parent involvement when needed. Parents are ultimately responsible for the care and well being of their children. The PLAY Educators are not intended to “baby sit, watch or care for” the children during these playtimes. 


Are reservations required?

Not for STAY & PLAY classes. Yes for PEAKE Academy and LEARN & GROW Classes.


What family friendly amenities does the PLAY Boutique provide?

The fabulous Beeztro Family Cafe offering healthy, quick options for both kids and their parents. A readily available changing area with supplies for purchase for forgotten items.  A designated area for infants and crawlers. Stroller parking. Parent Lounge stocked with internet access, magazines, and books.


Who is edutaining my child?

Our PLAY Educators  and Teachers are highly trained, educated and have a great deal of experience working with young children. We treat every child as an individual and our PLAY Educators and Teachers  facilitate a program of experiences that promotes each child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. We feel children learn through the models provided by significant adults around them and by opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves in their world. Everyone is teacher certified, CPR and First Aid trained, and had an extensive background check.


An Indoor PLAYSpace, Quality, Educational/Enrichment Classess for Kids 1-10y, Family Style Cafe, School Age Programs, and Your Home Away from Home!


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