Holiday Dinner Parties with the Littles

Holiday entertaining is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family. Believe it or not, it can be easy to make your guests feel warm and welcome, including having the littles around.

Here are six tips for hosting a fabulous dinner party with kiddos a foot:

1. Create a separate table for kids only.

Cut up brown, paper grocery bags and make a paper table cloth. Put out crayons and let

their inner artists go at it. If you want to tie in a theme or specific holiday, outline

some basic shapes with a black market for them to color.

2. Feed the kids right away, after they all arrive. This helps ward off grumpiness, and as they

move on, you can move on to the "grown-up" portion of the evening.

3. Have some activities in mind, and be prepared to help keep the kids active.

Board games, karaoke, and dance party are all easy ways to keep them entertained while you are enjoying adult conversation.

4. Have lively music playing. Happiness spreads when the atmosphere is upbeat.

5. Keep snacks on hand for a few hours into the night. After their dance party, kids will

be hungry again. Popcorn, fruit and water is all you need.

6. Agree ahead of time on a "family-friendly" movie for all ages. This way if the party moves into a late night, when the kids start winding down it is movie time!

Preparing kids in advance for sharing their toys is always a good idea. If there was anything too special, that they didn't want to share, they may want to put it up and out of the way.

Some kids may need an introduction about how to treat their guests. This is a great lesson and reminder about good manners for kids.

Holidays are so fun and memorable to share with others. Having adults and kiddos at the same dinner party can be easy with a few simple touches. By the end of the night, the adults will be enjoying their conversations together, while the kiddos’ will be sleeping on various pieces of furniture or even on the floor.

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